Shale development is transforming the energy profile of the United States, and impacting the world, with the Marcellus Shale playing a central role. Kathryn Klaber’s clients are leveraging her experience in the development of the Marcellus to create new business opportunities and educate audiences around the world.


Environmental considerations are integral to business decision-making and play an ever-increasing role in shaping brand perceptions about companies and entire industries. The Klaber Group works with its clients on their most strategic environmental challenges, resulting in the creation of new opportunities.


Businesses must continuously make their case to policy-makers about the tremendous value they bring to employees, local economies, and society. The Klaber Group brings fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to its clients at the increasingly important nexus of the public and private sectors.

About Us

The Klaber Group provides strategic services to businesses and other institutions as they capitalize on shale development in the United States and abroad, and as they manage the impacts of public sector actions across many industries. Founder Kathryn Klaber, with her Klaber Group colleagues, brings to her clients a wealth of experience in working with businesses on energy, economic and environmental issues at the confluence of the private and public sectors.