The Klaber Group provides strategic services to businesses and other institutions as they capitalize on shale development in the United States and abroad, and as they manage the impacts of public sector actions across many industries.

Managing Public-driven Risks

Business leaders must command insight into all aspects of the companies they manage. Sophisticated models have been developed in areas as diverse as corporate finance, managerial and financial accounting, operations and customer relations management, yet none are widely deployed in the area of public affairs. The Klaber Group works with its clients on managing risks and leveraging opportunities created from public sector actions. More »

Comprehensive Water Assessments

The financial, operations, regulatory, logistics and technology specialists with The Klaber Group work with clients to provide them with a clearer picture of their entire water management regimes. This insight leads to lower operating costs, additional insight into potential operating risks, and overall improved performance in the eyes of all stakeholders. More »

Business Development and Strategic Planning

Companies work with The Klaber Group when they want to enter new geographic markets or expand service or product offerings, and need additional support and direction. Capabilities include market research, facilitated strategic planning, relationship mapping, and business plan development.

Government Relations

The Klaber Group is registered to advance its clients' interests with both executive and legislative branches of government, armed with deep content knowledge and meticulous preparation. Clients work with The Klaber Group, and its Pennsylvania Policy Institute©, when they need insight into decision-making at local, state, and federal levels of government, and when they want to execute for results.

Communicating Business Impacts

When a company needs to make a strong case with the public and public sector, they can turn to The Klaber Group to develop quantitative economic impact analyses and additional value propositions, and help communicate that information to the right audiences. Via the Pennsylvania Policy Institute©, clients can conduct the in-depth analyses that lead to optimum policy positions, creating the foundation for position change in the Commonwealth and beyond.

Public Speaking/Presentations

It is an exciting time to be in the energy field and creating opportunities resulting from shale development across the nation and the globe. The landscape is certainly dynamic. When groups needs a refresher or even the basics on the energy marketplace, The Klaber Group is a great place to turn. More »