Comprehensive Water Assessments

The financial, operations, regulatory, logistics and technology specialists with The Klaber Group work with clients to provide them with a clearer picture of their entire water management regimes. This insight leads to lower operating costs, additional insight into potential operating risks, and overall improved performance in the eyes of all stakeholders.

Like all societal change the past – Industrial Revolution, Transcontinental Rail, The Automobile, Telecommunication, and Pervasive Computing, the nexus of water and energy promises to be the critical problem and opportunity for the millennium. Economies and Industry require capital, energy and water. Water is the most critical because it is needed not just for industrial production but for basic human survival. The ability to deal with production water in both an economic and environmentally responsible way will be a key, if not the key issue, for industry across multiple areas. It presents a multivariate number of problems that industry, government and the community must face together and the requirement for organizations that can solve these complex problems and create sophisticated strategies for dealing with them has become a pervasive need.

The Klaber Group recognizes the notion of Water 2.0© and what it means to its industrial clients and their broader stakeholders. Water, its use, reuse and disposal, has gone from being a tactical issue to a strategic issue, from a two-dimensional problem to a complex, multi-dimensional matrix that covers issues across the spectrum of industry, politics, regulation and geography. The Klaber Group's services assemble a combination of experience and new methodologies that solve and anticipate problems dynamically, recognizing that the use of water and its reuses are not problems either contained in or solved by "silo" approaches. The KlaberGroup has accepted this as its mission for assisting clients on a multi-industry, global basis.